"……." Red Arcueid stood in silent after seeing how stupid the distraction was.She was hoping to see something smashing her or breaking her bones but seems like it isn’t like that.The vampire smiled and started following Merlin giggling "hehehehehehe…."

She suddenly made a high jump and went down right behind the boy breaking the floors “you think your gonna escape from me?" she said staring at the boy already angry and grabbed him throwing him towards the wall.


The distraction did little to help the wizard. In fact, by the time he could right himself on both legs, the vampire was on her way towards him. Merlin was willing to say she looked disappointed at the lack of struggle, already weakened from the restrictions of the city and out of magic to use.


Worn out from his sprint, Merlin panted out a response. “Oh━" He stopped to take a breath. “now you’re just cheating.” But before he could add another quip, the man was thrown into a nearby wall. Bruises were forming under his skin but the worst of the pain came from his neck. He experienced whiplash and the weight of his head caused an unbearable ache throughout his body. AchIf he could just sleep away the pain, he would.

Guilty; { Lyn }


She really didn’t have anything to do. Spending her time in the city mostly by herself. Though she had meet a few people, not that she really made friends with any of them. Just yet at least, but she’d have to meet them again to make sure first. A trip to the part didn’t sound like a bad idea, even if she had to travel quite a while to get there.

She’d been keeping to herself, she really didn’t interact with anyone in the pack. She was a bit surprised to feel something hit her. Not that it bothered her. She’s been through much worse then a small peddle hitting her wouldn’t do much to her.


" Of course, that wasn’t much.." Though she could only wonder if he was the one to throw the rock in her direction.

Merlin didn’t try to conceal the relief he felt, letting out a soft sigh as his worries calmed. “Good, that’s good.” Having initially feared that he might have injured the woman, Merlin felt far less guilty for his actions. Still, he couldn’t just admit to the woman that he was the one to launch the stone…

Magic was frustrating. He didn’t know who to trust with such a secret but seeing the complacent reaction the stranger gave him, he thought it was enough to reassure his fears of being outed as a warlock. Honestly, who knew what kind of trouble he might get into if someone knew that he had power, albeit very little at this point.


With his head tilted down, Merlin stared at his hands in a nervous manner. "I’m sorry about you getting hurt, though." He was treading carefully around the subject, not knowing how to apologize without calling himself out. If he couldn’t apologize directly, he could at least introduce himself as he stuck out a hand. ”My name’s Merlin.”

/cue soap opera music

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A Humdrum Day; { Laurel }

It was never an ordinary day in Merlin’s life. Whether it was filled with adventure or misfortune, the man couldn’t escape his lively existence. That was why he felt particularly content in just sitting down to eat, no mishaps to be found.

After taking his drink order, the server left a basket of bread and some butter on the table. In the eyes of a young servant, the appetizer before him was worthy of being a full meal. He knew the city was a far cry from Camelot, though it would take time to adapt to the new life. Still, it did not stop him from enjoying the benefits.

Seated at a small, two-person table, Merlin was free from the loud voices where large groups crowded together. He didn’t choose where to be placed but thanked the server for his quiet table nonetheless. Busying himself with a doughy roll of bread, the man was caught off-guard when his server spoke loudly from behind him.


When he felt a difficulty swallowing, Merlin grabbed at his throat in an attempt to stop the dough from travelling into his breathing pipe. He regretted ever expecting a mundane meal for himself. The server stood back in panic when he stood up to cough, his only desire being to breathe. It wasn’t until the restaurant went silent that he heard a snippet of yelling nearby.

"━one know the heimlich maneuver?!"


"Hoh? me wanting your blood?" Red Arc stopped walking staring at him "hehehehe please…I’m not like other vampires.." covering her face with her hands the vampire start it laughing and kept walking towards him "hehehe!! I prefer to tear you apart and rip your organs out!!!


The man kept at his slow pace and continued to back away. He scanned the area for something he could use to separate him from the vampire without harming her directly. "Uh, I’d prefer to keep my organs, thank you." At least his words helped to stall the impending attack.


Since his magic was limited, Merlin was left with one use of telekinesis. He kept his arms outstretched while casting a spell in the language of the Old Religion. "Áfiehtest!" After causing a pipe to tear loose in a fire hydrant, Merlin scrambled through the subsequent shower. He didn’t have time to check if the distraction helped, already struggling to overcome his lack of agility.

punkass dragons ★ intro



"Yes, Illya-san?"

…That’s a dragon, isn’t it?

"I believe so, Illya-san! Why don't you try befriending it!?"


I really don’t think it’s interested in being my friend…” The child’s tone was empty as red eyes stared upwards at the baby dragon that stood before her, it’s own gaze filled with discontent. Illyasviel has only been in this world for a couple of days now, but she’d already come to terms with the fact that she’d likely never reclaim her normal, everyday life. What haunted her most was the realization that, as long as she were here, she would never be able to reunite with Miyu.

And then she’d stumbled upon this car-sized dragon, no doubt a remnant of the ‘fantasy world’ she’d heard the city had existed as shortly before her arrival. Ruby, her sentient magic stick, floated around the monster curiously as the untransformed magical girl continued her staring contest with the beast. It was kind of blocking her path back to her apartment, after all. 

"Illya-san, why don't you transform and fly over it?"

The stick posed a valid question before slamming into it’s Master, initiating a transformation without her consent. “RUBY! NO! IT’S EMBARRASSING IN PUBLI—…”


Too late. A defeated sigh escaped the Kaleid Liner’s lips as she floated over with the intention of going over top of the dragon, when a mighty tail rose up and sent the child plummeting back to the ground with a thud. 

Was it making fun of her?

Did it just smirk?



It was a sight to see. No more than a few minutes ago, the sorcerer was minding his own business and crossing a street corner. At the moment, however, he stood a good distance from the interaction between a young girl and a stray dragon. He knew first hand how dragons acted but the ones lurking the city had proven to be rather impulsive.

And the dragons in the city were much more mischievous than in his own realm. True, it wasn’t a competition when compared to the Great Dragon. Still, Merlin felt ever more sympathetic for the stranger. He remained in place until the creature lifted its tail towards the girl. Rushing to the scene, the warlock’s eyes widened in apprehension.


"You all right?" Merlin leaned over to offer her a hand up. She didn’t seem to be hurt too badly but he figured it was the least he could do, especially after watching her get knocked down.

Without  the ability to speak with it, Merlin could only vaguely understand the dragon. Apparently he wasn’t the only one able to do so because the stranger was quick to guess. His lips eased into a smile as he offered his own comment. "He’s definitely got a sense of humour."  The man stepped back to allow her some space and offered a handshake. “I’m Merlin. Saw what happened to you there…”


"Just a vampire…." she kept staring at him and got down from the lamp suddenly smiling at him "hehe your not like the sorceress that I met before…sure you may look different from other ones…it makes me wanna tear you apart…" she slowly start it walking towards him giggling "but don’t worry….ehehehe… won’t hurt at all~"


"…just a vampire?” A real, likely dangerous vampire. One would think that with all of the odd things Merlin had seen, he should at least believe in the blood sucking undead. Still, it was a bit to take in.


"So I take it you want my blood, huh?" Not knowing what power was behind her threat, Merlin took a few steps back to maintain their distance. He lifted both arms from his sides, holding them out to block her way. "If you try, I can’t promise that you won’t get hurt."

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Walking around in the streets late at night the vampire jumped getting on a street lamp and looked around to see if there was some curious person walking at night but seems not in the place where she was “……………….” Red Arcueid stayed quite and crossed her arms thinking till she heard like someone walking to where she was “…..?”

Red Arcueid glared at the boy who was walking forward to where she was.She didn’t say anything and kept staring at him which would made him had a feeling that she’s a dangerous one with that stare of hers but she didn’t do anything and stood there till she speaked “ a sorcerer huh?”


Travelling the long and somewhat vacant road, Merlin felt the faint prickling of air running over his bare hands. Despite an attempt to warm his hands together using friction, it didn’t take long for goosebumps to form. It only added to the chill that he could feel someone’s stare piercing him. When he spied the area for a discernible presence however, the feeling lessened and he decided to shrug it off.


Merlin’s breath hitched with panic. Emerging from shadow, an individual spoke with a hint of what he hoped was curiosity. The warlock was taken aback by their words but regarded them as a possible threat nevertheless. He silently questioned how the person knew what he was, cursing himself for recklessly using his power earlier in the eve. “…who are you?”



               ❂—— During the course of her stay, Merrill had found that she had been spending most of her time in the forest, among the other elves in the city nestled in the trees. It had sort of become home, as the place she felt like home had been before seemed now more like a dream than reality. A dream which it’s importance faded as the day wore on, like dreams tended to do.

          It was a little odd. She definitely remembered one thing about the City of Chains, and that was her little house in a district of elves. It had a mirror in it that was broken. That mirror was important somehow, but Merrill had not given it much thought in a while. She had always given the excuse to herself that she could simply ask the elves in the city about it, but never did.


          At the moment, the young elven mage was yet again nearing the edge of the forest towards the human city. She had no intention of entering the city itself— Neither races were on good terms with another, and she supposed for good reason. Humans weren’t exactly trustworthy, or so she had been told. (Had she really been told that before?) This was merely a way to remember how to get around the forest.

          The treeline grew nearer. Merrill made plans to skirt aroundt the forest edges, but in the middle of brainstorming a place to go, a voice broke clean through her thoughts. Casting her gaze upwards, she was startled to find a human caught in a net, strung up quite high above. It was at least twice her own height in the air. Noting that the man caught was human, she remained on guard, but responded regardless.

          “By the Creators! How did you get caught up there?” Merrill was amazed that someone could be caught helplessly like that. Though she supposed it just as easily could have happened to her— She was, in fact, heading down the same path.


          “Ah, well, I don’t have a sword, just a staff. That wouldn’t be much use, would it?”

It surprised him how calming it was to hear a voice echoing below. The man eased himself into a position that felt the most pleasant a net could feel. His eyes focused on the woman who stopped beneath the trap and he listened to the words that rolled off her tongue. It relieved him to hear her surprise—a likely sign that she hadn’t been the one to lay the trap.


"How?" Merlin repeated her question if only to mull over the words himself. Embarrassing as it was, he spoke truthfully of his fumble. ”The trap was hidden and I guess I tripped the net. Could say I have a knack for that kind of thing.” He said enough to warm his cheeks with a tinge of blush. It wasn’t one of his worst first impressions.

And as nice as the view was, Merlin could not deny the discomfort he felt in being suspended in air. Glancing around the forest floors, he let out a soft hum and gathered a plan. "Hmm." The sorcerer was not unacquainted with traps similar to the one enclosed around him. Thinking on it, he beckoned the woman with a question of his own. "Can you find out where these ropes lead? There has to be a way to release it from down there."

The lanky male tried to wriggle against the confines as he awaited the woman’s response but only managed to catch his leg in one of the holes. He spared a look at the stranger to confirm she was still there. He settled into one position and let out an audible sigh. While he didn’t speak much of the discomfort, Merlin could feel the ropes limiting his circulation in spots that began to numb. Fortunately, none of his friends were there to witness the misfortune.