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❝ When people say you can’t, that’s when you have to. ❞

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Chuck Palahniuk (via fawun)
Please know there are much better things in life than being lonely or liked or bitter or mean or self-conscious. We are all full of shit. Go love someone just because; I know your heart may be badly bruised, or even the victim of numerous knifings, but it will always heal, even if you don’t want it to; it keeps going. There are the most fantastic, beautiful things and people out there, I promise. It is up to you to find them.
Dirty Diana (Remastered)
Michael Jackson


Tips for being an adult:

  • there are none
  • don’t become an adult
  • stay a child forever
  • Peter Pan was right
Jo March, Little Women
Some books are so familiar that reading them is like returning home again.
Love You When I'm Drunk


is a character poc?? hECK YEH. is a  characters race not stated??? they’re poc. HECK YEAH. is a characters race stated as white?? whoops canon was wrong and theyre poc. hec k yeah. trust me i’m a cop


dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 

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